* Bardai Online



Membership of the charity is open to all adults and Bardai Brahmins and their immediate relations (married partners).  Membership term runs for 12 months commencing 1st November to 31st October

Apply for your new Membership by email to secretary@bardaionline.com.

Existing members – we will email you shortly with a Renewal Form.

Membership Application Procedure for New Members

  1. Request an application form in writing/email to secretary@bardaionline.com.
  2. The Secretary will forward an Application form either by email or post.
  3. Applicant will be required to complete ALL sections of the form and provide all the information to support their application and post it back to the Secretary.
  4. The secretary will present the application to the membership panel consisting of three office bearers and two committee members for approval or rejection.  The decision of the membership panel shall be final.
  5. Upon acceptance, the Secretary will contact the applicant in order to collect the membership payment, payable by Paypal and issue a Membership No. to complete the process.
  6. Thereafter, a Membership Renewal invoice will be generated providing 4 weeks’ notice to settle the account.  Failure to renew the membership will result in the removal of the person’s details from the database and the membership being cancelled.

A member may be suspended, disqualified or expelled from the membership if he/she :-

    • Violates the rules and regulations of the Samaj
    • His/her actions or behaviour is prejudicial to the interest and reputation of the Samaj
    • His/her actions will bring disrepute to the Samaj


Get involved

Get to know the Samaj by engaging as a Samaj Volunteer.  Enlist your name and encourage the youth to do the same.  Participate in all activities and have alot of fun.  Youths will be issued with a Certificate to show their involvement and providing a service to a Registered Charity, something they can speak of during College interviews.

Members receive regular updates, newsletters and access to samaj subsidised events.