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We have recently published Bhajanawali online and most bhajans are available in Gujarati and English

Bhajanawali Bhajans

Online book of traditional and modern bhajans taken from the last publication of our Bhajanavali in Gujarati and English

Know Thy Relations

The Indians have different terms for paternal and maternal relationship in their language. which the British lack. For example, according to our…

Hindu Calendar

This page lists all the popular festivals in English/Gujarati calendar in the current year for United Kingdom.

The Life Story of Trikamjibapu

Bardai Brahmin Na Sant Sri Trikamji Bapu Trikamjibapu is regarded as the Sant of Bardai Brahmins. This section contains a unique online…

Gnanprakash » ત્રીકમજી બાપુના પરચા તથા જીવન ચરિત્ર

પ. મહાત્મા શ્રી ઝીણા બાપુએ લખાવેલ ત્રીકમજી બાપુના પરચા તથા જીવન ચરિત્ર પૂજ્ય ત્રીકમજી બાપુનો જન્મ કુણવદર ગામે થયો હતો. પિતાજીનું નામ હરિદાસ…

Gnanprakash » મજારાજર્શ્રી ત્રીકમજીબાપુર્શ્રીનું ટુંક જીવન ચરિત્ર

શ્રીમદ પરમ પૂજ્ય બ્રહ્મનિષ્ઠ મહાત્મા મજારાજર્શ્રી ત્રીકમજીબાપુર્શ્રીનું ટુંક જીવન ચરિત્ર “બ્રહ્માકારવૃત્તિ આનંદ અંકિત મહાત્માઓના ચરિત્રોમાં અપૂર્વ બોધ સમાયેલો છે. તેઓનું કલ્યાણમય જીવન,…

Trikamji Bapu » Gujarati Bhajans

બાપુ મારે આંગણે પધારજો રે બાપુ મારે આંગણે પધારજો મારા આગણાની શાભા વઘારજૉ આપ આવો તો આનંદનો ઓઘ છે રે આજ બાપુ…

Trikamji Bapu » Shri Gnanprakash in Gujarati

PDF: Shri Gnanprakash Please click the above link and wait to upload the pdf.

Video » Federation Trikamji Bapu Janma Jayanti celebrations

Federation of Sri Bardai Brahmin Samajs UK celebrated Bapu’s Janma Jayanti in Jan 2016 at Shree Hindu Mandir in Leicester. We have…

Article about Brahmin Sanskar (in Gujarati)

બ્રાહ્મણત્વના સંસ્કારોને જાળવી રાખીએ Written by Kiran Thanki (From Bardai Jyot) This article originally appeared in the Federation of Sri Bardai Brahmin…

Article about Bardai (in Gujarati)

Written by Keshavram Kashiram Shastry This article originally appeared in the Federation of Sri Bardai Brahmin Samajs UK Directory 1995. આપણી બર્ડાઇઓની…

Trikamji Bapu » New Trikamjibapu Bhajan recorded at Sri Hindu…

Performed by Jagdish Barot and Bhajan Mandli. Written by Jagdish Barot.

Religion and Cultural Links

Bhagwad Gita Listen Gujarati The Vedic Foundation ISKCON UK The Hindu Blog Leicester Mandir Websites Shree Sanatan Mandir Ram Mandir Shree Hindu…

List of Brahmin Gotras

Here is the list of Bardai Brahmin Surname / Gotra Surname Gautraj Shakha Pravar Veda Devi Mahadev Ganapati Bhairav Kshetrapal Bapodra Marichi…

Gotra – What is it?

In Hindu society, the term gotra (Sanskrit: गोत्र) means clan. It broadly refers to people who are descendants in an unbroken male…

What is a Brahmin?

A Brahmin is a member of the highest caste or varna in Hinduism. The Brahmins are the caste from which Hindu priests…

History of Porbandar

Porbandar is a coastal city in the Indian state of Gujarat, perhaps best known for being the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and…

Trikamji Bapu » Powerpoint Presentation

Vandan – A Trikamjibapu Powerpoint Presentation We are grateful to Hemantbhai Thanki, Leicester, for the supply of this Powerpoint Presentation. As far…

Hindu Calendar Facts

History India has used the Hindu calendar to measure time since their ancient days. Over the years, the calendar has been edited…

Bardai Plains – Land of the Bardai

Land of the Bardai Brahmins According to historians and archaeologists/oceanographers. Saurastra in the western Indian State of Gujarat is one of the…

Bardai & Porbandar

Porbandar is a coastal city on the shores of Saurastra in the western state of Gujarat, (India) internationally famous as the birth…

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