Brahmdevta Trikamjibapu Video Collection 1

A new YouTube Channel called BRAHMDEVTA TRIKAMJIBAPU has just been launched on 3rd March 2021. Produced by Bhavesh Tribhovan Joshi and Chandrakant Meghji Thanki from our sister Samajs in London and Birmingham (respectively), directed by Hetal Thanki (India), music by Chintanbhai Lathigara (India) and video by Sima Digital (India).

The channel is an audio visual presentation of Gnan Prakash – a book conceived by Pujya Trikamjibapu some 100 hundred years ago.

The producers have released the following notes about the new channel:

With the grace of Pujya Trikamjibapu, is proud to present “Gyan Prakash” (“Light of Knowledge”), composed by Pujya Bapu on our YouTube Channel BRAHMDEVTA TRIKAMJIBAPU the following:

Introduction and Launch – 3rd March 2021.
Bhajan composed by Trikamjibapu “Jeenere sabde rudi Koyal Bole” sung beautifully by Hetal Thanki.– 9th March 2021.
Introduction and index of Gyan Prakash – 10th March 2021.
Pujya Trikamjibapu’s Life Biography on the auspicious day of Shivratri & Bapu’s Samadhi day – at 12.00pm on 11th March 2021.
New audio and video episodes will be released fortnightly.

A concerted effort has been made so that Bapu’s message, life story (Jeevan Charitra), miracles (Parchas) as well as his own composed bhajan reach all devotees.

In creating these pieces of work and even making sure that the same words have been reproduced as uttered by Pujya Bapu, we ask the viewer to forgive us for any unseen and unintentional errors in this production.

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Our Samaj welcomes this new initiative. Videos from the YouTube channel will be shared on our Leicester Samaj website ( We are grateful to the channel producers for giving us permission to do this. On this page, you will see all the videos added to the YouTube channel so far.

Jai Trikamji Bapu.

Bhajan composed by Trikamjibapu “Jeenere Sabde Rudi Koyal Bole” sung beautifully by Hetal Thanki, India.

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