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e-Newsletter February 2017

The Committee have been very busy scheduling all the events for our Samaj for 2017 which has been emailed and posted out to everyone. 

Varsha Modha has been kindly compiling e-Newsletters and updates voluntarily which we are happy to forward by email and put up on the Samaj website but unfortunately will not be available by post so please do share any information with elder members of your family over a cup of tea. Details of all forthcoming events will be mentioned at all functions.  Thank you.. 

The Committee will be mentioning all future planned events at every event staged.

If you wish to receive the e-Newsletter or would like to share your news/achievement, please register your email to  


is open to all ages, male and female, young and old.

Co-ordinators:  Ravi Dave, Rupal Thanki, Harshita Thanki

Range of sports activities (Indoor Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis etc are available subject to demand on the day).  The place is fully equipped.  We usually have 35-40 people turn out at £2 per person for aged 7+ to cover hall hire cost.

Venue:  Judgemeadow Community College, Marydene Drive, Leicester

Time:  2pm until 4pm on Sundays  12.2.17; 26.2.17; 12.3.17;  26.3.17. Don’t be late.  Bring your friends .

During the most recent session, some members had a go at Table Tennis.  I haven’t played this in years!! This was followed up with a game of indoor cricket which involved everyone  and had a great time.  We take scores, play in teams, take turns to bat and bowl ensuring everyone has a turn.  The little children love running after the ball.   Some mums and dads watch with pride.  We enjoy the exercise and having a laugh and a joke with our Samaj members.  The air is really light and atmosphere is very friendly.  So come along and have some fun on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

No food or drink is allowed in the Sports Hall.



(suitable for all activity levels) – wear comfortable clothes & shoes.

Date:  11th February 2017 at 3pm   (don’t be late)

At:   Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre, (Main Hall), Rothley St, Leicester LE4 6LF           

Fee:  £1 per person.  Please bring family & friends, boys & girls.

FREE SNACK will be provided by a Sponsor.

Co-ordinators:  Hansaben Rajyaguru & Ushaben Modha

Although this group is led by ladies, it is open to gents from our Samaj as well as families.   It offers some ‘time-out’ from the daily routine. 

Hansaben & Ushaben have been running social groups for a long time and are well up to date with what’s on in Leicestershire and within the Asian community in the UK.  They keep in touch with everyone in this group regularly and notify them of all future plans.

The main aim of the group is to offer people the opportunity to stay in touch with other Samaj members in an informal setting by way of carrying out an activity to lift your spirits and make it enjoyable. 

Keep Fit Garba is one of the latest craze in the dance-fitness industry and we wanted to give you a taster of how fun this can be.  Our fully qualified Instructor will run a routine which is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels so don’t worry, just come along and enjoy the experience.  Feel free to sit down if you wish but join us for the ‘cuppa’ anyways.

Should you wish to share your story or give ideas for future events, please do so by attending the above event.

Thank you for your kind support. 

All parents with children welcome as well as grandparents.


BARDAI’S GOT TALENT:   Sunday 23 April 2017


Do you have a musical talent? 

Can you play a musical Instrument? (Dhol, Tabla, Keyboard, Drums, anything else, any level)

Can you Sing or Dance? (Any level)

We are offering selected people a chance to showcase their talent at our future Samaj events.  You will be required to attend regular practice sessions to perform on your own and as part of a group as needed.   So if you are passionate about your music, then don’t miss this golden opportunity. 

Register your name by email



VENUE  to be confirmed





VENUE:  ‘COSSINGTON’ PARK, Rendell Road, Belgrave, Leicester LE4

DATE:  Sunday 12th March 2017

TIME:  from 1pm (time to be confirmed) until 3pm

DRESS:  Wear old clothes + sensible you don’t mind getting dirty.  Wear layers so you can remove the outer layer  and a clean pair of shoes for travelling home in (so Daddy won’t make you wash the car!).

N.B.Not suitable for Allergy sufferers of babies.  Only use of dry colours allowed.  No water please.

In 2016, some of our Samaj members met up at Cossington Park to celebrate Holi in Desi Style.  Ravi Dave had bought all the colours (the cost of which was shared by all those who came) and Harishbhai Dave provided snack.  When the photos were shared on Bardai website, the Samaj was inundated with request to host it in 2017.  And here we are….  Please show your support and come and ‘play dry holi’ with us in the Park.


Thank you.

Coming soon ….


We are proposing to host an Health Awareness event in May 2017 (date to be fixed).    After much interest from the public, this event will focus on

  • Information on latest issues facing our Asian population. (possibly including a mini-surgery with a retired GP for general enquiries/guidance)
  • Healthy eating – nutritious healthy food/dishes/buffet for you to enjoy + a Healthy Dish Food competition for anyone to enter and show off their cooking skills.
  • Fun Interactive Arts/Craft or Sports activity area to test your mental & physical fitness level.
  • Music performances to lift the spirit and relax the mind.

This event will be led by volunteers from our Samaj to raise general awareness.  Any serious issues should be discussed with your personal/family  G.P.


is currently being planned for  SUNDAY 23rd July 2017.



Membership Cards are now obsolete

The Committee decided following the AGM  that membership cards will no longer be issued by the Samaj from hereon as they are not needed.  We now have all records on a database which is easier for checking membership status instantly at any event.  We would, however, urge members to respond to any emails for Renewal of their Membership as soon as they receive it in order that records are accurately maintained.

Currently there is £0.00 payable for members aged 60+ as well as children under age of 18.

Membership fee payable for aged 18-59 is £7.50 per person.

We would prefer fee payments by bank transfer from your online banking to avoid lateness which can incur admin charge however, we accept payment online by PayPal and by cheques. 


Recommending family and friends to join our Samaj

All applications are subject to Committee decision and their fully completed application form.  We have recently received forms with incomplete information and this requires a lot of time chasing which causes delays in processing it.We would love for new members to be introduced to the Samaj but please ensure that you give all your details for ease of communication e.g. all contact telephone numbers, and Email address. The Committee are willing to help anyone requiring assistance and to check the form.  Application forms will be available at the Admin. Desk at every function.  It is important for us to have 2 different names of Referees  i.e. 2  people who are unrelated to each other for the application and their contact details so we can make the necessary checks.

Don’t worry, your data is protected and will not be shared and you can opt out.

Newly wedded couples

It is wonderful when our newly married children move into their own home to  start a new life independently.  The Samaj welcomes and congratulates every newly wedded couple on establishing their own base.  As you become an entity on your own, please secure your own membership.  This way, you will always keep up to date with Samaj activities which will come in very useful when your family expands with your ‘little bundle of joys’.  The Samaj is a great umbrella of services for families to utilise and to be connected with.  We are so proud to be part of one of Leicestershire’s finest thriving communities that offers so many services to our fellow members.

Please request a form via the Samaj Website:


Samaj News Update

Happy New Year everyone.  Wishing you all renewed energy and focus for the year ahead.

Youth Club News:  Re-convened at Judgemeadow CC.

Co-ordinators:  Ravi Dave (for age 12 years+), Rupal & Hashita Thanki for ages 0-12 years.

Activity:  Indoor cricket, badminton, table tennis, football.  Suitable for everyone, any ability.

Sports equipment supplied.  Just bring yourself and a couple of friends.

Fee payable:  £2 per player   Aged 0-6 years = FREE


Venue:  Judgemeadow Community College Sports Hall (rear access). 

Time:  2pm-4pm (please don’t be late).

Scheduled dates:  Sundays   15.1.17;   29.1.17;   12.2.17;   26.2.17;    12.3.17;    26.3.17.

More sessions will be available if we have a good regular turnout.


LADIES GROUP NEWS  (Co-ordinated by Hansaben Rajyaguru & Ushaben Modha) 

Ladies group met on 7.1.17 at Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre. 

During the meeting the ladies also paid a tribute to Trikumji Bapu in honour of his birthday by singing bhajans and performing aarti. 

Next meeting is planned to take place on 11th February 2017 at 3-5pm

Venue:  Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre, Rothley St, Belgrave, Leicester LE4 6LF

Activity:  Keep-fit garba with a qualified instructor – suitable for all level of fitness.

Fee: £1 per person.  Please bring family members and friends and let’s enjoy getting fit.

What next?  Ladies group are also planning day trips so please register your name and your telephone number when you come to the Keep-fit garba.  Spectators are welcome too.


Committee  News:

Well it has been a very busy few weeks as we have been planning Samaj events for 2017 (See Schedule below).  We have also been reviewing some of our procedures to bring it up to date and to make it easier to follow.  Our energetic team is committed to doing their bit so please give them a chance to prove themselves. 

We meet regularly every 5-6 weeks.   There is regular update from the Treasurer and Secretary on Samaj’s operational matters.  The committee discusses each Agenda item and makes group decisions,  plan events, and disseminate tasks to the Sub-committees.  Over time, we learn and develop independently as well as a Samaj group.    

The sub-committee (of 5-6 committee members) manage and coordinate each event. so if something goes wrong, we all know who the ‘tomatoes will be aimed at’ haha..

RSVPs – In order that we can book venues, arrange catering and entertainment etc.  we rely heavily on RSVP and would like to request everyone to please respond to this.

VOLUNTEERS  We need you to help with small tasks on the day of an event e.g. Dining area duties, help with venue layout and clearing up, health & safety monitoring, Information Desk duties, Guides etc.  This is also a great opportunity for youngsters to get involved and be proactive within the Samaj.  You can speak of this experience on e.g. your c.v./your job/college/university application form.  Please register your name on our official list of approved Volunteers. 

TEA & BISCUITS – we have no time for this because we have so much to say at meetings!

NEWSLETTERS – we will aim to produce these each month. These will be emailed and posted on  bardaionline website.  NEWS ARTICLES – Are you a keen writer?  Please share your news, reviews and tips on the Samaj Newsletter by emailing us.  Let us know if you are celebrating a milestone in life and send us a photo.   

REGISTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS:   Our preferred method of communication is by email for speed.  Please register/update email address for each member of the family so that you can keep up to date with news and events.  Let us know if you need help to set up your email account.    Please kindly discuss/pass on details of our emails (and translate if necessary) to the elderly in case they are not receiving them.  We can send out paper copies on request but postage may be slightly delayed.

INTERESTED IN JOINING THE 2018 COMMITTEE??? – A chance to Learn the ropes; Contribute your time and expertise to the Society; Develop your skills and Succeed in Life, make new friends and develop network opportunities.  This is a worthwhile experience for anyone who can dedicate some time to the Charity.   


Dates for your 2017 diary – events planned so far

Sat 25th February,  5.30-9pm  – Maha Shivratri Bhajans and Prashad

At St Patrick’s Church Centre, 100 Beaumont Leys Lane, Leicester LE4 2BD


Sun 12th March ,  2-4pm – Holi – Dhuneti – Fun & play with holi colours

At Rendel Park, opp.  Cossington Sports Hall, Rendell Rd, Belgrave, LE4

Fee:  £to be decided to cover the cost of providing holi colours.


May 2017 – Health Awareness Day – date yet to be decided and event to be organised


July 2017 – Summer outing/ Day Trip – date not set and event yet to be arranged


Sun 13th August 1-6pm – Janmashtmi Programme – in progress

At St Patrick’s Church Centre, 100 Beaumont Leys Lane, Leicester LE4 2BD


Thu 21- Fri 29 September – Navratri Programme – more details to follow


Sat 30th September – Dusheira Raas Garba – more details to follow


Sat 7th October – Sharad Purnima Raas Garba – more details to follow


19th October – Diwali – Chopda Pujan – to be arranged


4th November – Diwali  Samelan & AGM – to be arranged


December – London Trip to see the Christmas decoration, Lighting & Winter wonderland – to be arranged


December – Christmas Party – to be arranged


January 2018 – Trikumji Bapu’s birthday celebration with Bhavesh Joshi & group from London Samaj


Please support the Samaj by participating in the events.  We will try to keep the events affordable to everyone.  Please feel free to make any additional voluntary contribution on the day should you feel that the event was enjoyable, educational and valuable to the Community.  Thank you.


For all enquiries email.


Ladies Group Update


Date:  Saturday 11th February 2017.   Time:  3pm-5pm

Venue:  Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre, Main Hall, Leicester LE4.

Open to all the Samaj Ladies, their friends and family.   Please wear sensible, comfortable clothes.

Co-ordinators:  Hansaben Rajyaguru & Ushaben Modha.




If you own a business or provide a valuable service to the community, why not advertise here?

We also have event sponsorship opportunities where you can promote your company and help the samaj at the same time.

For all advertising and sponsorship opportunities, contact: Secretary on


21 AugSomvati Amas
21 AugSun Eclipse
23 AugChandra Darshan
24 AugKevda Trij
24 AugVaraha Jayanti
25 AugGanesh Chaturthi
26 AugRishi Panchami
29 AugDharo Atham
29 AugMasik Durgashtami
29 AugRadha Ashtami
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