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Newsletter January 2016

Ladies Group meeting:

4.00pm – 6.00pm Saturday 7th January at Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre , Room 4 Ground Floor. Ladies Group will be holding informal satsang in to celebrate the Birthday of TrikamjiBapu.

For further dates please or if you would like to attend, please contact

Hansaben N Rajyaguru and Ushaben R Modha

Visit to See The Festive Lights

Our lead up to the big day began with a visit to Leicester City Centre to see the festive decoration and lights. Those who attended, trouped on despite the rain. The itinerary included visiting the Santa’s grotto at The Highcross, Selfie with Santa at The Haymarket, a Walk through Gallowtree gate heading towards the Christmas Tree at Clock Tower and re-inacting the scene from Home Alone 2, (making a wish in front of the Tree). Jatan, Devika and Shagun gave a fabulous audition. This was followed by a meal at Burger King. Due to the incessant rain, we had to cut the trip short and missed a couple of other sights.

It has been suggested by Vaishali Kaur Joshi to plan a visit to see the London City Lights in 2017. All those interested in this idea, please email Secretary@bardaionline.com.

We have a WhatsApp group for communicating small group events. If you wish to be included, email us.


News from the Samaj Christmas Party held on 17.12.16 at JMCC.

It was a real joy to see everyone dressed up in their fancy dress theme costumes and Christmas jumpers including Santa Claus!

Special Thanks to all the Committee Members and Volunteers who received an Elf badge in appreciation for their kind help in every way, in the planning and hosting of this event. It was a real team effort.

Christmas Party was a blast at JMCC

Fun and frolic was had by all. Although the party started 30 minutes late due to late arrivals, we managed to squeeze in an extra children’s game. The absence of a mic was the only hic up on the day. Everyone behaved themselves well including Santa and played safely with the President which was great or was it the other way around? Hahaha!

Games: Pass the parcel – 2 rounds with miming action forfeit with Vigna (Alice in Wonderland) helping the little children with instructions. Adults enjoyed the Christmas morning ‘hangover’ dress up game where they had to put on an item of clothing they picked out of a sack (a saree, or a pair of huge glasses, a hat, a girl’s pyjama, a onesey, dreadlock hair-hat, a Halloween mask etc). Look out for the pictures on our website gallery section. Mitesh Thanki conducted the Team, Family General Christmas Knowledge Quiz – I’m sure the winning team cheated! There were prizes galore from Santa to each child, Mitesh for winning Quiz Team, Raffle draw, and for all the winners of the games.

Food: The food choice was really varied (pizza, chips, chilli paneer, Zanzibar mix, spring rolls, samosas, sandwiches, dahivada and much more. Much appreciation is given to everyone for being such a good sport, helping with setting up and clearing up afterwards.

Music: This was managed by our youths and DJs Kush Modha, Neil Joshi, Vigna Modha, Agastya Joshi and assisted by Vishal Dave. They played suitable festive tracks using a laptop computer and speaker to save the cost of entertainment hire. Thank you to Hasmukhbhai Joshi for all your help with the music and arranging the venue.

Table decoration was done by Devika Vishal Dave who hand crafted beautiful Glitter Christmas Tree table centre pieces.

Best of all we raised some money for future events too. Thanks to everyone for participating and we wish you all the best for 2017. If you have any ideas for family/party games and want to help in the organisation of 2017 Christmas party please let us know as soon as possible.

Business Network News

A meeting in January 2017 is being planned.

A Special Thank you to Business Network Group for your kind donation towards the children’s Christmas Party event. The funds were offset against the venue hire cost. Bless you!