Volunteering your time and skills is a good way to support our community.  Whatever your interest, there is something for you to do.

How you can volunteer

  1. Offer on the day practical ‘sewa’ service at Samaj events.
  2. Join the sub-committee to give your ideas and help organise activities.
  3. Promote the Samaj values and activities to new members.
  4. Join the themed Focus Group discussions and help to shape the future of our Samaj.
  5. Share your knowledge with our members by taking part in educational talks.
  6. Participate in sponsored events e.g. Padhyatra.
  7. Participate in Samaj Elections.
  8. Become a Committee Member.
  9. Help the Samaj with research work.
  10. Help with small administrative tasks – help members complete forms, make lists, checklists, collect forms.
  11. Share your skills (IT, First Aid, Teamwork, Artistic, Organisational, Maths, Communication etc).

A successful community is reliant on proactive Volunteers who bring new ideas to the table and exercise their voting rights.  A sense of achievement is the ultimate fruit of your labour as well as recognition from the Samaj.  All that is required, is your will, enthusiasm and some patience.  The will to make a difference is motivation enough to enlist your name on our Volunteer list.

The Samaj records approximately 40 volunteers each year and encourages everyone to participate in discussions, voting, organising events, and activities whenever possible.  Sometimes, the Management Committee members will approach certain members with areas of expertise for their advice or assistance and this is also considered volunteering.

If you are an entrepreneur – you may be able to offer work experience to our younger members.

Active Volunteer is the first step towards becoming an official Representative of the Samaj.

Management Committee
Officers:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Asst Secretary, Treasurer, Asst Treasurer, Committee Members + 40 Volunteers.

The Management Committee is responsible for overseeing the management of the Samaj but requires extensive support from Active Volunteers each year.

This role may suit those who have limited available time to dedicate to Samaj work.