BBest (The Bardai Brahmin Education Sewa Trust)

The Bardai Brahmin Education Sewa Trust, BBEST, is a project with an aim to help Bardai Brahmins progress in academic Education beyond secondary education. The project was launched by The Federation of Sri Bardai Brahmin Samajs UK at a Bardai Brahmin Samelan in Leicester, in August 1997.

Students who wish to seek help are required to complete the latest version of the Application Form available from this website. The form could either be completed on the computer or be printed and then completed in full and returned supported by the latest relevant educational results, documents to prove eligibility for the course being applied for, and current bank account details as we aim to pay awards directly into a bank account. Please follow the guidelines on the front page of the Application Form.

Applications will be assessed for eligibility by an appointed panel in the UK on the basis of the student’s evidence of being in education and will be advised of the decision and monies will be awarded to successful applicants. We shall monitor final outcomes and for this, we require students who have been awarded to provide proof of attendance and education results from the course for which an award was made.

We are keen for our community to progress in academic education as this not only helps the individual but also their family and society at large.
For further information please contact us from the menu above.

Update from Annual Report 2020

a total of 14 applications were received since Leicester Samaj took over the administration.  Most of these were from female candidates and a grand total of £550 has been paid so far at the agreed 50% funding rate.  Applications are being received consistently each year.   Technological advancement has enabled both the students and the BBEST team to process applications more quickly.  All members of the current BBEST team are suitably qualified, trained, and experienced individuals since they have all previously served in the Samaj Management Committee in the last 5 years and received training in its Financial and administration procedures.  Shantilal M Thanki and Ratilal O Joshi continue to be the advisors/mentors for the time being.

The application form, Criteria for Application, and Administration procedure document has been brought up to date by the current BBEST team since taking over the management of it.  A database record is kept of all applications received and processed.   A BBEST tab was added to the Leicester Samaj’s website from where an application form and further details can be accessed by applicants.  All transactions are regularly reported to Leicester Samaj’s Management Committee and end-of-year balances are recorded and filed with the Leicester Samaj’s Annual Financial Accounts.  Further information is available on request.

Update report as at 1.10.2021

Since Leicester Samaj has taken over BBEST donation responsibility, we have sponsored 9 boys and 23 girls and some applications are still ongoing.

Year 2020 total 11 students

Year 2021 total 21 students, a rise of 10 students in a year.

Thanks to the hard work of the BBEST team for going through the applications and the processes involved.  Thanks also to our volunteers for spreading a good word to those who are in need of financial support.


Request for Feedback from BBEST beneficiaries.    If you have received financial support, please let us know how you have progressed at the end of your course and how you have helped others.


BBEST Team Co-ordinator:  Rajendra M Thanki.  BBEST Team members:  Kaushik Vyas, Kamlesh Joshi  BBEST Mentors/Advisors:  Shantilal M Thanki, Ratilal O Joshi

If you wish to join the BBEST group to help with the administration, please let us know by completing the Contact us form.

Please download the pdf form and you can now fill in your details on a computer and then print it.

Application Form