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Jai Bardai Melodies

Bardai Brahmin Samaj Leicester (UK) Music Group – Jai Bardai Melodies

The Leicester Bardai Brahmin Samaj is very proud to have its own music group whose members support Bhajan and Navratri programmes on a volunteer basis. The group has often been described as the Samaj’s Jewel in the Crown due to its long establishment, performances and commitment of members.

In 2002, the Federation of Sri Bardai Brahmin Samaj proudly awarded Jai Bardai Melodies with a Local Samaj Award for Contribution to the Samaj.

Jai Bardai Melodies has been in existence since 1990 after being formed by a group of samaj members interested in singing and performing music. Although the group consists of a core group of founder members, over the years, it has welcomed dedicated members interested in music. Any Samaj member interested in any aspect of performing from controlling the sound system to playing the manjiras, is encouraged. The concept of teamwork is highly encapsulated in the group.

Traditional bhajans and Raas Garbas are performed to a high standard. The group functions under the umbrella of the management committee and consists of a Group Co-ordinator, Assistant Group Co-ordinator, and other performing members. Currently, the group members are:

Anant Bhogaita (Co-ordinator, keyboard and singer), Bhavin Thanki (Assistant Co-ordinator, dhol player), Sunil Joshi, Bharat Modha, Leena Dave, Harshaben Joshi, Bansri Bhogaita, Dolat Bhogaita, Krishnaben Modha (singers), Mukesh Thanki (singer and dhol player), Harshad Joshi (PA sound control and electric drum player), Ashwin Joshi, Prashant Joshi, Trushal Joshi (dhol players). In addition, we have a founder member settled in the USA who advises the group (Hitesh Pandit).

Past members include: Chandrakant Bhogaita, Daxaben Bhogaita, Nilesh Bhogaita, Ravi Dave, Ridhi Dave, Harish Joshi, Ramaben Joshi, Bhavesh Thanki, Deepak Thanki, Jatin Thanki and Naynaben Thanki.

Any samaj member interested in joining the group can contact the group using the contact link on this website. A requisite for joining the group is that members attend practice sessions on a regular basis.

In 2006 Samaj celebrated the Navtrai and Sharad Poonam was celebrated at Judgemeadow Comminuty College.