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Dates for your diary

4th Nov ‘17 – Trikumjibapu’s Satsang, Shri Hindu Temple, St Barnabas Rd, LE5
12th Nov’ 17 – Diwali Samelan & AGM, Braunstone Civic Centre, Braunstone Town


Feedback from Navratri Event
Everyone enjoyed the whole event. We tried to involve the whole community, including the children (under Committee Member’s supervision) who sold Raffle tickets to learn to communicate with Samaj members.

As they say in Africa “Asante Sana” (Thank you) to

Everyone who helped out every day all throughout the festivity, in the Tuck Shop, distributing the food/prashad/tea, on the admin. Desk, preparing the mandwi diwo/aarti, stacking chairs, helping to set up the stage/music, clearing up and for just attending. You are a Star!

All the Sponsorships, donations, raffle prizes and gifts which helped to make the 11 days of celebration a self-funded event this year! Yey!

Jai Bardai Melodies, DJ Kish, Rameshbhai Patel and everyone who helped operate the PA system. Apologies for the sound being too loud on earlier days – this was sorted eventually.

So sad:( Please note that whenever we use a public building, we are expected to respect any displays on the walls and ensure we do not cause any damage to school property. Some children were seen to be misbehaving in the reception area and items were found on the floor having been pulled off one of the displays. With due respect, please can all parents keep an eye on their children during these events. (CCTV camera was running all throughout the days and any extensive damage could affect our future hiring of the hall and incur expense to cover the damage). Thank you.

There were only 2 minor first aid incidents (cuts to adults’ fingers whilst moving furniture) reported and treated by Hiren Thanki immediately. Thankfully, everyone played garba safely.
Lost & Found – A set of keys were found and returned to its rightful owner.

Our stage decor was so nicely done that the school asked us to keep it in place for another month for the school children to admire whilst the school celebrated Diwali.

Comments from members:
Loved the variety of music over the days. DJ Kish was refreshing and must call again.
Well organised, variety of entertainment, lively, family friendly, enjoyable.
Non-members tickets for children were priced slightly too high this year.
Wow! A very active Samaj and Committee.
Children’s Fancy dress and competitions were very interesting
Good venue, just the right size.
Some speeches were too long.
Thanks for the free food and chai.

Membership Renewal:
New membership of £10 per person starts from 1st November 2017.
Currently, children and over 60s are exempt from fees.

Our Committee have a duty to promote and verify our Samaj membership and from time to time will be approaching new faces to assist with this matter.

Unfortunately, if you do not renew your membership on time, despite us sending reminders, your membership will be ceased and you will be required to pay an admin fee of £10 when you re-join as well as the full membership charge for that year.

To avoid unnecessary surcharge, please pay by Direct Debit/Standing Order for your timely payment. Membership payments are always accepted at the Treasurer’s desk at every Samaj event.
Payments can be made ideally by standing order, BACS, direct transfer, cheque and in cash. You can now pay instantly through our Chip & Pin service from 12.11.17.



Gods & Goddesses: Devika Vishal Dave (1st Prize); Maya Diya Paresh Thanki (1st Runner up); Jatan Nilesh Dave (2nd Runner up), Vanshni Prashant Joshi (Joint 2nd Runner up). Prizes are planned to be given out at the Diwali & AGM function.

Best ‘filmi’ look – Mrs Jigna Manish Joshi.

Best dancer female (on two separate occasions) – Shweta Hiren Thanki – once for being the youngest dancer on the floor from start to finish and secondly voted by Judges for best female dancer wow!.
Best dancer male – Vishal Thanki

Trikumjibapu’s Satsang continues.
7.10.17 – Satsang was cancelled due to Samaj Sharad Purnima event.
4.11.17 – proposed next Satsang date. Time 3-5pm, at Hindu Temple, St Barnabas Rd, in main Mandir. Please bring your copy of the bhajanavali and token prashad if you wish as we will be doing Aarti there. We appreciate Hansaben Rajyaguru’s arrangement for this venue free of charge to do the Satsang for 2 hours.

Let us take this opportunity to continue with our traditions and promote our culture.


New Committee Member Nominations
You will have received an email with a form to fill and return to the Secretary to submit the Nomination.
Please don’t be shy, come forward and join the club. Gain new experience and spread your knowledge amongst like minded individuals. This is your Samaj, take a stand and be counted. With your help, we would be able to continue our Samaj activities for another 12 months. Come on… fill that form in. Or you can bring it to the AGM. Remember to complete all sections. Or you can email Secretary@bardaionline.com in confidence.
The nominations will be kept confidential until the AGM.

Self-nominations are also acceptable on the day and do not need to complete the Proposer and Seconder information in this case.

Bardai’s Got Talent.
Are you a dancer? A musician? An actor?….. Register your talent to be included in our future programmes.
Children’s Writing Challenge – Christmas is coming!
Aged 7-12 yrs – Write a short story about something funny happening at Christmas time. Funniest story will get printed in the Xmas newsletter. Hurry.
Aged 12-16 yrs
Write a news article about something you found strange or you feel strongly about. Email it to Secretary@bardaionline.com for a chance to get your story printed in the Samaj Newsletter.

HALLOWEEN 30.10.17
This is a pagan celebration of the season similar to our Kali Chaudas. As the nights are getting darker earlier, please exercise caution when opening doors to strangers. Those participating/welcoming children’s calls normally display Halloween decorations in their front window.
Trick or Treat – Tradition has it that witches & gypsies used to call upon unsuspecting village people to collect a donation of food or a gift shouting “Trick or Treat!”. If the person wants to challenge the witch/gypsy, he/she may ask them to entertain them with a trick. The witch would then have to perform witchcraft trick or cast a magical spell to demonstrate their talent. A treat is what the witch would receive as a ‘bribe’ to spare the donator from any bad luck or a spell. This is similar practice to the Bawas visiting during Kali Chaudas.

Today, Halloween is celebrated extensively in America but sadly dwindling in the UK due to the persecution of witches and witchcraft. It is just a seasonal autumnal celebration and a prelude to Christmas.


Flu vaccinations were recommended by Dr K Thankey as being very useful.
Go for a walk with a friend/neighbour for half an hour to improve fitness and mental alertness. Exercise is a great stress buster but needs to be done in a safe manner. Do not over exert yourself, do what you can but stay active.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day.






LAXMI PUJAN held 19.10.17 at Alpha Tutorials

The second Laxmi Pujan hosted by the Samaj was attended by 55 members including 12 yajmaans. It was organised by Pravinaben Modha and Varsha Modha to assist with all the preparations and arrangements. We had fun decorating the venue the day before with the Maharaj. All yajmaans did individual pujas of their ganesh and laxmi. Our lead yajmaan this year were Mr & Mrs Prakash Pandit. The pujan diwo was lit by Devika & Sagun Dave and Vanshni Joshi. Committee members and volunteers also attended to help organise the dining area, set up, clear up, pack and distribute prashad. Everyone introduced themselves/their business and gave good wishes for a happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year to all.

This was a self funded event approved by the Management Committee.  Those who took part suggested to continue to do the pujan next year.  Should you wish to participate in 2018 Laxmi Pujan, please let the Secretary know well in advance. This year, the cost was only £25 per yajmaan (2 people) + £5 per person for spectators.