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2013 will see OUR Samaj’s website “bardaionline” leap to exciting new heights to give OUR Samaj members and site visitors an even better interactive experience by the addition of features and articles.

To start the process rolling, we have redesigned the left and righthand bars on all the web pages to include a Media Panel catering for all ages. One of the links “Sheetal Sangeet Online Radio” is successfully run by our fellow bardai brahmin Hassuben Bihari Sthankiya from Canada.

Certain articles and posts now have a “comment” box in to which you can add comments after logging in using your Facebook or other various social network platform profiles. See a usable example below. Please DO NOT use spam or personal advertising in these comment boxes. The aim is that we want Bardai Brahmins to connect worldwide by talking and discussing through bardaionline.

Bardaionline has been active since 2006, and now has an amazing growing worldwide audience. This worldwide growth in popularity means we are THE portal for connecting bardai brahmins worldwide. You will have seen recently that we showcased 2 short videos of Ramnuvmi celebrations in Porbandar. The video was shot on a smart device by Nirmalbhai Thanki. A few months ago we also showcased traditional village Navratri at Majivana. The internet age means we can connect to all corners of the world within seconds!

We are interested in further showcasing such videos, particularly of our root village life and Porbandar. If any of our fellow Indian bardai brahmins have shot or can shoot  footage that they can upload to youtube or Facebook, please let us know. Old recordings of Trakamji Bapu bhajans are also requested. Contact us if you have any old recordings on tape or CD.

LETS CONNECT ALL BARDAI BRAHMINS WORLDWIDE – We are calling on all bardai brahmins worldwide who have non-commercial websites, portals and Social network (Facebook etc.) groups to send us the link so that we can highlight your Samaj and Groups. Lets connect all Bardai Brahmins worldwide!

Watchout for further exciting developments on bardaionline. Please use the contact page for all communications to us, and the comment boxes or feedback page to let us know what you think of these enhancements to bardaionline.

Anant Ramji Bhogaita

Sri Bardai Brahmin Samaj (Leicester) UK Website Co-ordinator ~ Connecting Bardai Brahmins Worldwide!

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