* Bardai Online

Management Committee 2017-2018

President: Mr Kishorchandra Lalji Thankey
Honorary Secretary: Mrs Varsha Modha
Treasurer: Mr Hiren Thanki
Committee Members:
Ms Chandaben Vyas (NEW)
Mr Kaushik Vyas (NEW)
Mr Navinchandra Dave
Mr Umesh Joshi
Miss Radhika Joshi (NEW)
Mrs Manisha Bhogaita (NEW)
Mr Manish Joshi
Mr Kamlesh Joshi
Miss Sonal Joshi
Mr Shantilal Thanki
Mr Mayank Pandit
Mr Divyesh Dave (NEW)

Some of the above members are joining the Committee for the first time and they are marked with (NEW). All others have been a Committee Member or an Officer previously.

We are a very active Samaj and committee work is very rewarding. You have the opportunity to gain new or utilise forgotten skills and give back to the Community. Many of the long standing Committee Members are passionate about driving the Samaj forward and leaving a legacy for the youngsters by spreading cultural knowledge, maintaining our traditions, upholding our Bardai identity, in a harmonious environment.

Every Committee Member has a unique talent. We work together amicably, helping each other to carry out a task. We discuss important topics, exchange views and ideas with respect. Those with previous experience mentor the ‘new recruits’ and are leaned upon for guidance on challenging issues. As we progress with technology, many of us learn from each other to develop the newly learned skill whilst working as a team. We are a friendly bunch and try to involve each and every member of our team.

In order to operate effectively, we require 12 Committee Members + 3 Officers each year.
If you too are passionate about the future of our Samaj; have ideas for any improvement; would like to support us for 12 months by joining the 2018 Committee (Age 18 years+), please email Secretary@bardaionline.com in the first instance.
It’s definitely worth it!

Published by: Varsha Modha, Hon. Secretary.