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Samaj 2008/2009 Management Committee and Area Representatives

Samaj 2008/2009 Management Committee
President Jayesh K Joshi
Hon. Secretary Harshad H Joshi
Hon. Treasurer Alpesh C Joshi
Assistant Secretary Bijal V Joshi
Assistant Treasurer Umeshkumar J Joshi
Committee Members Anant R Bhogaita
Harishchandra M Dave
Manna V Dave
Surendra M Dave
Vipul H Dave
Chandrabala H Joshi
Harsha J Joshi
Miral H Joshi
Sunil R Joshi (for part of the year only)*
Vimal A Joshi
Mradhula K Modha (for part of the year only)*
Hiren Thanki
Narendra N Thanki
Advisors Chhotalal Jethalal Joshi
Kishore L Thankey
Shantilal M Thanki

At the 2008 local area Taskforce meetings, Samaj members asked for Area Representatives (Area Reps) to be appointed. These are Samaj Management Committee members who could be approached by Samaj members for Samaj related queries, and are a communication link between the members and the Samaj Management Committee.

Please note: as these committee members only served part of the year, there are now 2 vacancies.

Area Representatives 2008/2009
Oadby and Wigston Manna V Dave
Surendra M Dave
Belgrave and Rushey Mead Harishchandra M Dave
Bijal V Joshi
Vimal A Joshi
Eastpark and Evington Anant R Bhogaita
Miral H Joshi
Hamilton and Humberstone Chandrabala H Joshi
Harshad H Joshi