Trikamjibapu’s Patutsav  and Maha Shivratri 2020

      Sri Bardai Brahmin Samaj Leicester UK celebrates

Trikamjibapu’s Patutsav 

and Maha Shivratri 2020

with Shree Hindu Temple, Leicester.


You are cordially invited, with your family,  to celebrate with us the following two events:

Trikamji bapu’s Patutsav Date: Saturday, 15th February 2020  RSVP Required

Time: 10:00am till 5pm

(Due to the short time span between the Patutsav and Maha Shivratri dates, the Committee decided to participate in the Patutsav this year in support of the Mandir’s efforts).

Maha Shivratri Date:  Friday 21st February 2020 –  all day event no RSVP required as this is a public event hosted by Shree Hindu Temple – for more information, please visit Shree Hindu Temple’s website.

Venue: Main Mandir, Shree Hindu Temple, 34 St Barnabas Rd, Leicester LE5 4BD Google Map ?

SPONSORSHIP:  Our Samaj has sponsored the Patutsav Mandir event by making a donation to cover the puja samagri, the daily maintenance and rituals of bapu’s murti, catering for approx. 70 people, and new robes for Bapu (paghri + khes).   However, additional optional dakshina (by yajmaans only) may be made directly to the Maharaj or a donation registered at the Mandir’s Treasurer’s desk.  This supports our aim to maintain a healthy working relationship with the Mandir.  Our Committee Members will be available for any Samaj membership enquiries or payments.


This FREE PUBLIC EVENT is open to 70 of our members on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please RSVP for catering purposes, by emailing

Deadline:  7th February 2019

Parking: Free Parking available on side streets however due to limited spaces, car sharing or a mini-cab drop is advisable.  Mandir’s car park will be reserved for drop-offs and disabled access.

Prasad:  cooked prasad lunch is available for all attendees.  Additional Prasad offering is welcome (No chopped fruit please).

Aarti:  Plate will be provided by Samaj.  All monies in aarti plate will be placed in the ‘peti’ (box) at the end.

Disabled access is available via the car park.

Yajmaan arrival 9.30am, finish at 5pm 2 x yajmaan (4 people) are invited from our Samaj.  If you wish to participate, please contact (2 people can conduct puja and 4/5 people can conduct havan – group participants can alternate to provide everyone with an equal chance, as per Maharaj’s guidance.


10.00 am – Murti Pujan (all samagri provided EXCEPT flowers + dry fruit prasad)

12.00pm – Prasad meal in the dining hall

2.00pm  –  Havan (samagri provided)

4.00pm – Bapu’s Bhajans by our Samaj members – bhajnavali available

5.00pm – Finish

Jai Trikamji Bapu and Har Har Mahadev.