25th Anniversary Celebrations 2006

Members of the Sri Bardai Brahmin Samaj Leicester (UK) held the Samaj 25th Anniversary Celebrations on Sunday 12th November 2006 at the Prajapati Community Center,Leicester. The celebrations incorporated the Samaj AGM and was well attended by over 500 people.

The morning started off by a meet and greet session followed by a cake cutting ceremony. Five cakes, each representing 5 years of the Samaj were laid out for the cake cutting ceremony by one of the Samaj elder members, Mrs Maniben Dave (Ba). Young and elderly members representing the past and the future of the Samaj, gathered around the table as Ba cut the cake and eveyone cheered.

Various footage of the Samaj past were projected on the stage screen by DVD projector, as the celebrations went on. This brought an air of nostalga to the celebrations.

To progress the Samaj forward, the 2005/2006 Management Committee decided to give the Samaj a fitting reminder of the past and present to carry on in to the future. The Samaj official website was launched as a milestone! Anant Bhogaita, the website co-ordinator, introduced the sub-committee that was given the task to develop the website (www.bardaionline.com), before the Samaj President, Sri Harishbhai Joshi, thanked the sub-committee for their effort. Harishbhai then started the minute Powerpoint Presentation prepared by Jay Joshi to launch the website. The dhol players played on as everyone stood clapping in rhythm to the dhol beat to welcome the website as a Samaj milestone; bardaionline (this website) was born!

Next, the Samaj 2006 Annual General Meeting was held. Accounts were discussed and the previous year AGM minutes were approved. The message from the President thanked everyone who helped the Samaj in the last 25 years with a brief talk on the past years. A minutes silence was held to remember all who had passed away in the last 25 years. This date, Sunday 12th November 2006, was also Remembrance Sunday.

The President then thanked the current Management Committee and dissolved the committee before the Samaj past president Sri Chothalal Joshi presided the elections for the new Management Committee for the year 2006/2007.

After various discussions ending the AGM, came the mouth watering lunch, during which the music group played on. After lunch, the music group gave a very good performance to which everyone danced to songs from the different eras. The whole event was captured on DVD. Each houshold was also given a souvenier to take home.

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