Navratri 2008

This year, 2008, saw a re-vamp of OUR Samaj Navratri celebrations following on from comments and ideas at this years Taskforce Local Area Meetings to hear members views. The NEW formula of themes and awarenesss of the celebrations created by this years Navratri Creative Sub-Committee, co-ordinated by Shantibhai Thanki and Harshaben Joshi with members Ranjanben Modha, Sheetal Joshi, Harshad Joshi, Urvi Modha and Anant Bhogaita, was a BIG hit, proven with higher than normal weekday attendences at this years Navratri festival.

The Samaj Music Group, Jai Bardai Melodies, and their singers Bansri Bhogaita, Manisha Bhogaita and Urvi Modha brought in the changes and variety with excellent performances combined with the rest of the weekday Music Group team (Anant Bhogaita – Keyboard, Harshad Joshi – Electric Drums and Sound, Prashant Joshi – Dhol/Tabla and Bhavin Thanki- Dhol/Tabla). Samaj members welcomed the new inovative ideas and themes.

The excellent weekend brought more excitement with singers Bharat Modha and Sunil Joshi and singer and dhol player Mukesh Thanki, a firm favourite, with Trushar Joshi – Dhol. The group tried various new songs and styles this year to bring enjoyment. The crowd loved it, especially the Ranjanu and Sanedo!

Listening to views expressed at Taskforce local meetings, the President, Jayeshbhai Joshi, kept his speach to a minimum expressing thanks to all involved, and mentioning that the Samaj website, bardaionline, meant OUR Samaj was now on a worldwide platform – even Porbandar and Gujarat can see us now!

Sunday saw the fancy dress competition for under 12s. It was great to see a variety of wonderful entries with children in various costumes from Krishna to a motor car rider!

Monday saw Bardais Got Talent, and the Music Group gave a chance for Samaj members to have a go on stage. A good effort was made by Dhanguariben Bhogaita, Vanisha Bhogaita, Vishal Dave, Divyesh Dave and Vinodbhai Dave. Daxa Bhogaita, who supported the group at practices also joined on stage. The participants were each given a Raas Garba DVD to inspire their talents. A DVD was also presented to Urvi Modha as a new comer to the music group.

Tuesday saw Atham (the 8th day of Navratri), and a high number of people attended and enjoyed the evening. It was sad to see Navratri finish on the last day (Wednesday) – with Bollywood as the theme. The enjoyment of Navratri was aptly put by Vigna-Ria Modha as she read out a small thought on the Samaj Navratri Celebrations.

The re-introduction of various competitions brought back memories of the good old days, and added to a winning formula. Next years Navratri plans to be even better!

Navratri 2008 Competition Winners:

Friday 3rd Oct East meets West Fusion Night . Best performers: Meetal Joshi, Neha Dave & Sameer Thanki

Saturday 4th Oct Traditional costume.
Youth: Neelam Dave & Akshay Joshi
Adult: Jigisha Thanki & Rahul Thanki

Sunday 5th Oct Under 12 Fancy Dress Competition.
Winners: Neel Joshi & Vigna-Ria Modha
Runners up: Vanisha Bhogaita & Jay Bhogaita

1st to 8th Day of Navratri, Aarti Competition.
1st – Mamta Dave
2nd – Naina Thanki
3rd – Nehal Thanki
4th – Alpa Dave

Your Comments

Vigna-Ria Ravi Modha, 8 yrs, Leicester: I really enjoyed the Garba this year. I played throughout 1 whole garba and 1 whole raas for the very first time without stopping in between. I made some new friends. Jai Shri Krishna.

Versha Modha, Leicester: Thank you to the Bardai Music Group (Jai Bardai Melodies) for providing such great music – without you guys, we would not have enjoyed the event so much this year. The theme nights made us look forward to attending the event even through the tiring, long, hardworking days and the fasting! It was a great idea to allow new musicians and singers to participate in the band too on Bardais Got Talent Night. The new lady singers were brilliant and the songs had a lot of variety. Keep up the talent and keep singing. Jai Shri Krishna.

Manoj J Dave, Toronto, Canada: Thank you for posting the Navratri 2008 pictures. It was very nice to see members of our extended family and friends we have not seen for a while…..almost like we were there ourselves….Keep up the good work! Regards to the entire organizing committee.
Jai Shri Trikamji Bapu to all.

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