Samaj AGM and Diwali 2008

As per the views expressed at this years Taskforce Area Meetings, OUR Samaj held the AGM and Diwali Celebrations as a day time event with a variety programme performed by Samaj members, on Sunday 16th November.

The day started with the Aarti at 11.45am followed by lunch. The speach from the Samaj President thanked everyone for all their help and support. The AGM was overrun by 90minutes, which meant that the whole programme was extended, with the co-operation of the Venue manager, by 2 hours. Following the AGM, and the election of the New 2008/2009 Management Committee, everyone enjoyed the variety items performed by our Samaj members ranging from music and tabla playing to singing and dance items.

Act 1. Dhruv Thanki accompanied by his friend Jeevan Singh. An excellent tabla and vocal act. Jeevan playing the harmonium with Dhruv on tabla gave an excellent performance of the bhajan Hay Ram. This was followed by explanation of the various tabla beats and a solo by Dhruv. An eye opener for those wanting to know about classical tabla playing.

Act 2. Bhuvi Joshi. A very good performance, dancing to the bhajan Mandir Taroo Vishva Rupadu.

Bhuvi has also recently won martial arts awards.

Act 3. Sisters Bansri and Vanisha Bhogaita. The act started by Bansri playing a very good instrumental of Ride It by Jay Sean on the electronic keyboard. This was followed by singing of the Hollywood film Titanic song My Heart Will Go On with Bansri on the keyboard and Vanisha on vocals. Everyone marveled as litte Vanisha (aged 9) reached high notes. Bansri also played an instrumental version of Koi Toh Sathi Chahiye from the hindi movie Kasoor.

Vanisha has also recently received an award for bhajan singing on Sanskar Radio (part of Sabras Radio) from the Radio Listeners Club. Bansri has also been awarded for outstanding singing on Sanskar radio in previous years.

Act 4. Rahul Thanki. Our very own Bardai Idol! Excited the crowd with his humour and outstanding renditions of 5 old and new Bollywood songs. Dhruv Thanki also accompanied Rahul on one of the classical songs (Maduban me Radhika).

Rahul recently auditioned for the Sony TV Indian Idol contest, and hopes to re-enter the contest again next year. We wish him good luck.

Act 5. Neelam Dave, Sonam Dave and Bijal Joshi, Mital Joshi and Anjali Modha. The excellent, outstanding, colourful final act closing off the variety show. They performed a dance sequence to a medley of various new bollywood songs including Aja Nachle and Maheve.

A presentation for the Samaj Sports Day winners was then made, followed by the Raffle Draw.

Everyone enjoyed the special day and admired the change to variety from the normal, usual party theme. Our Samaj should be proud of such hidden talent amongst our members. Who knows, we could have a Bardais Got Talent show soon!

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