Shivratri 2017 Samaj Celebrations Videos

On the evening of Saturday 25th February 2017, OUR Samaj held Shivratri celebrations in Leicester. Below are some of the videos from the event.
The event was well attended, and was organised with sessions on the meaning of Shivratri and an informative talk on meditation, as well as a children’s fancy dress competetion and singing from youngsters from OUR Samaj.

Video 1 – Welcome by Vighna Modha

Video 2 – Bhajan Mashup by Bansri and Vanisha Bhogaita

Video 3 – Satyam Shivam Sundaram by Shiv Purohit

Video 4 – Children’s Fancy Dress

Video 5 – Talk on Shivratri by Hansaben Rajyaguru

Video 6 – Meditaion Talk by Yogesh Dave

Video 7 – Bhajan by Yogesh Dave

Video 8 – Children’s Fancy Dress Results

Video 9 – Shiv Bhajan by Bansri and Vanisha Bhogaita

Video 10 – Arti