Helping the needy 2020-2021

Distribution of Food parcels for the needy in Porbandar – 2020

In response to our Samaj members’ requests on the plight of those affected by Covid-19 Pandemic in Porbandar in 2020, the Samaj Management Committee held discussions over a few weeks, to investigate the best way to assist those in dire need.

Local opinions were sought from the Bardai bandhus in Porbandar (Yoggesh Modha, Tejas Bapodra, and others) and initial discussions highlighted how and who was affected by Covid-19 Pandemic.  Whilst some level of Covid-19 relief benefit (funding/medical treatment/food voucher) was availed by the Indian government, this was not sufficient to cover the deficit due to a sudden loss of income during the national lockdown and the need for medical treatment and supplies.  Reports of many large charitable organisations running food kitchens all over India were circulated on social media but were not evident in Porbandar.  Hence, the Committee decided to actively support our Community in Porbandar.  Two types of aid were discussed:  1)  Dry food parcels 2) Soup kitchen (Meals on wheels/Tiffin) – quotations were received from 2 registered charities.

Dr Kishorechandra Thankey, Committee Member followed this up and connected with Tejas K Bapodra (local volunteer and samaj sewak), and the staff at Bardai Brahmin Samaj Korivad Vandi, Porbandar.  After an in-depth review, the Management Committee of Leicester opted for the provision of dry food parcels to vulnerable families registered on the Bardai Talpad Brahmin Samaj Korivad Vandi’s database.  The Committee appointed Tejas K Bapodra, a known local charity worker to organise the purchase, packing, and distribution of the food parcels on behalf of our Samaj.

The food parcels included:  Rice (Basmati and Khichri), tuwer daal, gor (jaggery), vaal, Chana daal, moong, moong daal, oil, tea, a packet of sugar – sufficient supply to feed a family of 4 for 2 approximately months.

The distribution was completed under the supervision of Tejas K Bapodra and the Talpad Brahmin Samaj Porbandar.   A total of 75 families including 8 Covid -19 affected families, received the food parcel packed in a recyclable fabric bag with the Samaj’s logo and charity reference no. (Photographed for our records).  The bags were donated by Tejas K Bapodra as a goodwill gesture.  The total value of this distribution was £1169.25 which included a £50 donation to the Talpad Brahmin Samaj Porbandar.

We wish to thank Dhaval Joshi, President; Jagdishbhai Rajyaguru, Vice-President; Bharatbhai Joshi, caretaker, and all the volunteers for their kind support and to ensure that the food packs are received only by the vulnerable families on their register.   A letter of appreciation for our donation has been received from the Community and the beneficiaries.  All the volunteers did all the work free of charge and all donations were received by those in need.  We wish to thank all the volunteers from Leicester Samaj and Porbandar for their participation in this worthy cause.

Supporting the Goshalla-in-Leicester in 2021

The Samaj donated £501 to Goshalla-in-Leicester towards rescuing 2 calves from going to slaughter.  One was a 3-eyed calf named ‘Mahadev’ and another is named ‘Nandi’.  Pravinbhai Bhogaita (Vice-President of BBSL Leicester) and Vanitaben Bhogaita, Treasurer visited the Goshalla to present the donation cheque.  Nileshbhai and Mayuriben Shah, who run the Goshalla have humbly extended an invitation to our samaj members to do ‘darshan’  by a prior arrangement under the current circumstances relating to Covid -19 safety.  There is an ongoing improvement work in progress to provide suitable shelter and facilities for the new calves.  The Goshalla has offered the use of the prayer room for bhajans and small Samaj activities by prior arrangement.

We wish to thank all those who participate in our fundraising activities in the past including  Bapu’s bhajans, Mandir Walks, Navratri Aarti.

Report by Varsha Modha (President)