New email ID for sharing News to ALL UK Bardai Samaj members.

Recently, we have been having difficulty in communicating Sad News items between UK Bardai Samajs.

We have therefore created a new email address This email address should be used by all UK Bardai Brahmin Samaj members, to send any sad news or any other news that needs to be distributed to all other Bardai Brahmin Samaj’s in the UK.

This will ensure that any news/information is cascaded down in a timely manner to members in ALL UK Bardai Samajs.

Currently, this email address is used by the following Samaj’s:

  • Northamptonshire
  • Leicester
  • London

We request that should you be sending any sad news, kindly attach clear information with a picture if possible.

This email address is also given at the top of the right bar on all pages of this website under the heading “Family News Email”, and under the “Contact Us” heading in the top menu.

Please also note that:

  • emails to Samaj members may contain personal information such as addresses and phone numbers
  • any news on the bardaionline website will NOT contain any personal information (unless requested by the family) as this can be abused
  • the news item may also be shared on the Bardaionline Facebook Page and the Bhajanavali Facebook Group by a link to the news on bardaionline.

Remember – to share any family news item to ALL members of our bardai community from Leicester, London and Northamptonshire, email us using