Akshay Umesh Joshi – A Profile.

OUR Samaj member Akshay Umesh Joshi graduated in Economics and Accounting from Loughborough University in 2012. The University recently asked him to highlight his success and career progression on their website. Akshay has served as an active member on OUR Samaj Management Committee in the past, and now works in Gibraltar.

As an inspiration to OUR Samaj members, we are showcasing this article on bardaionline. Any of OUR Samaj members who have had a success artlcle published, may forward us the link by using our contact page, so that we can share their success and inspire OUR Samaj members. Samaj members and families are also welcome to write articles of success to post on this website and send them to us. The Samaj February 2013 Newsletter also has details of the Bardai Youth Project.

You can read about Akshay by CLICKING HERE.

Congratulations and well done Akshay!