Asian Gracefully – Story of an Asian Care Home.

In Asian culture, old people are generally looked after by their families, and as a consequence care homes for elderly Asian people are very rare.

Director Fozia Khan’s First Cut film takes an intimate look behind the doors of Aashna House – one of the few residential care homes exclusively for the Asian elderly in the country – introducing some of the care home’s residents and staff.

The film delves into the residents’ back stories and looks at how they came to be in the care home. Mr Sen has worked as an extra in James Bond films with Sean Connery and Roger Moore, but now he lives at the care home. Mrs Ramjee lost her short-term memory after a stroke and now lives a Groundhog Day existence in Aashna House.

Click Here to see the video of how one Asian Care home in London looks after it’s residents (youtube link).