A Taste of a 100 Years Of Bollywood

Bollywood turns 100 in May 2013.  The Bollywood phenomenon has evolved greatly over 100 years, having a big impact on Indian culture, music and family life, noticeably recently with the advancement into Indian television soaps. Bollywood has also influenced the view of India to the rest of the world, and it has now been widely embraced into the western cultures with, for example, A R Rahman’s Slumdog Millionaire and Rahman’s collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Webber, “Bombay Dreams”. Conversely, Bollywood has also shown those in India how other cultures live. With regard to Hinduism, it has educated the masses on Hindu beliefs with transformation of ancient scriptures on to the big screen in an easy and enjoyable format.

Here we feature 100 years of Bollywood with article links, and the first film “Raja Harishchandra” which was released as a silent film on 3rd May 1913. Also, below you will find a video wall with various videos on Bollywood history.

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Wikipedia Articles

Bollywood History Video Wall (may not be viewable on some smart devices). Move the blue slide bar or the left and right arrows to navigate the wall.