Bhjanavali Hinduism Feature – Meerabai (Page 2)

In many regions of Rajasthan, bhajans of Meera are still common in religious night gatherings known as ‘Ratijuga ‘ organized by women. Tune and lyrics of a very popular Hindi song ‘Rang Barse Bhige Chunar wali, rang barse’ (in the Hindi film Silsila)  which is generally played on Holi in urban areas of northern India. It is believed that the tune and lyrics are taken from a Rajasthani folk bhajan about Meera .  However, the lyrics are slightly altered to mold the song into appropriate context of the movie script. First few lines of the original bhajan are:

“Rang barse o Meeran ,bhawan main rang barse.
Kun e Meera tero mandir chinayo, kun chinyo tero devro..
Rang barse o meeran ,bhawan main rang barse”.

This popular bhajan is sometimes used as a dance song. Meera is also a common figure in wall paintings.

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