Harshad Modha – Fundraising For Jinja, Uganda.

Harshad Modha, a member of OUR sister Bardai Brahmin Samaj London, is doing a project for his sixth form college (LaSwap in London), raising funds for a worthwhile cause. He writes:

I am 17 Years old and doing a project with my school which requires me to do some fundraising. I will be going to Uganda for this. We will be providing and improving the clean water facilities in the regions of Uganda which still do not have access to clean and safe water. This would also mean that I can go back to where my grandparents lived and where my father was born.

I will be going to a small village in Jinja, Uganda to work with members of the rural community in Uganda to raise awareness about water hygiene and to distribute water filtration devices (Lifestraws).

During the second half of the project I will be working with the Community Engagement team at St. Francis Health Care Service and engaging with students and young people for the Jinja community.

The fundraising also goes towards the community in two ways. One part helps to set up a fund in the community, which is used to help locals create livelihoods for themselves. The second part is provided as an infrastructure grant to the community.

I need to raise a total of £1750 for the project. Really hope you can help!

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We wish Harshad GOOD LUCK in his charity work for Uganda!