Message from British Hindu Voice (BHV) – Increase in India Visa Fees.

Dear Colleagues

The Indian Government has increased the India Visa fees from £42 to £92.The British Hindu Voice (BHV) has written to the Indian High Commissioner, London. UK expressing concerns at this very high level of increase in the Visa fees. BHV has also requested that the Indian Government should reconsider this decision.

The letter to the High Commissioner is copied into the E petition which can be accessed through the following web link.

You can also sign this petition via BHV’s Facebook. The link is given below. If you do this, you will also be able to find out more about our activities and you will have an opportunity to sign up to BHV Facebook too.

Please do consider signing this e petition, preferably through the BHV Facebook if you are able to do so.

Forward this e mail to all your contacts. If you are a non UK resident eg Indian American, Indian Canadian and receive this e mail, it is likely that the India visa fees may also have gone up for you but in any case signing this petition will help us all as it will alert the Indian Government that people of Indian origin are prepared to express their views and opinions on such matters in an assertive manner.

My apologies If you have already received this information and signed the petition.

Thank You

Vinod Popat

Chair, British Hindu Voice.