Lockdown Story – Karishma Dave

Karishma Dave is one of 3 (triplets).  She is normally a very sporty person but during the lockdown, she was inspired to do some art work for “Clap for NHS” – a gesture to thank the NHS staff for their support during Covid-19 lockdown.

She started off with her first painting and then carried on.  Her work was recently shared by her grandad, Chandubhai Dave, on Facebook and was very eye catching.

Karishma has made these paintings available to buy, by contacting her directly on Facebook .

Below are some videos from her YouTube Channel – ArtByKish . Please subscribe to her channel to view any more of her projects when they are added.

Boat Sunset.

Girl in the Moonlight.

Beach Sunset.

Father’s Day

Cherry Blossom Tree.


Lighthouse Boat.

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