Memories of Bardai Yesteryears – Section 3 -Jina Bapu

3. Jina Bapu

Shri Jina Bapu was the son of Shri Liladharbhai, the elder brother of Pujya Trikamji Bapu.  This meant that Shri Trikamji Bapu was Jina Bapu’s kaka.

Shri Jina Bapu’s life is interesting, partly, because he followed in the foot steps of his uncle, but also for the fact that he had travelled to Nairobi, Africa twice and had met much of the generation who then moved to the UK.

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Familiar faces from our UK Samaj’s are in this photo of a Satsang of Jina Bapu in Nairobi, Kenya.

Jina Bapu in Nairobi, Kenya.

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