Ugandan Asians Supplement 2 – Rupal Rajani Revisits Uganda (from the BBC)

Rupal Rajani was one of 27000 Asians who came to settle in the UK after the expulsion.
Nimisha Madhvani speaks to Rupal about her return to Uganda. The Madhvanis are one of the most successful families in Uganda and own the Kakira Sugar plantation on which Rupal was born.
Nimisha told Rupal about having to rebuild their business, which was damaged by years under Amin’s rule. She is also Ugandan Ambassador to India and tells Rupal the future is bright.
This is a film about Rupal’s journey.

Lata Walter talks about adjusting to her new life in Britain after being expelled from Uganda.

Mahendra Lakhani being interviewed by Rupal about being expelled from Uganda in 1972.

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