Lockdown Story – Mayank Pandit

Samaj Committee Member Mayank Pandit describes his time during the lockdown.

Trikamji Bapu ni Jai.

We were all lucky to get a break from our busy schedule and have an opportunity to retrospect. Personally, I have felt that my productivity increased many folds during this period of lockdown, and as usual I have been very naughty during this time.

I have divided the time utilised into three broad categories as follows: –

(1) Samaj Sewa 

I have been volunteering from early childhood. Was lucky to be introduced to a National charity called SewaDay. The aim of this charity is to serve humanity without any expectations. Recently, 20 Tonnes of Dates were donated by Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. This was for distributing nationally.  Leicester got 1500 Kgs of dates as part of this pot. I was fortunate to be link between Leicester and the National team. SewaDay would complete 100 days of Covid-19 response on 21st June which is an International Yoga day by chance. We are experimenting a pioneering Trial project for SewaDay with help of a young samaj member. Watch the space…

Click here to see the SewaDay website

Another charity I support is called SAHA (South Asian Health Action). It celebrated Mental health awareness week commencing 18th May. Could attend 3 Mindfulness sessions + 2 Yoga sessions. I have enrolled for an 8 weeks Mindfulness course mentored by an expert who teaches to NHS staff.

Click here to see the SAHA website

(2) Karma

Completed a huge back log of important but non-urgent tasks at my workplace. It is still ongoing.

Attended many virtual trainings and created virtual presence of my Business. Reviewed bills of existing customers and spoke to most of them (over mobile) during lockdown.

(3) Kautumbik (Family Time)

Reconnected virtually with friends and families in Australia, India, UK, Canada and America. Spent quality time with family members. Currently watching Mahabharat to reinforce Indian values. Developed as a person, improved organisational skills and cultivated a few good habits.

Managed to complete this write-up, finally. Ha Ha …

Still have a long list on my To Do list. Wish we could have more time without the root trouble.

Speak to you soon.

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