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Samaj Management Committee

At the AGM, Samaj’s members elect the members of the Management Committee, these are the President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and 15 committee members (12 after the constitution change in Nov 2012). The Management Committee is responsible for the day to day running of the Samaj in accordance with the Samajs constitution. In addition to the committee members, there are also three Advisors who are elected at the AGM. The Management Committee may request the advisors for guidance.

Samajs annual year runs from 1st November to 31st of October. Samaj usually combines the Diwali/New Year celebration with the AGM.

The Committee meets regularly, typically 6 to 10 times a year, to discuss the progress of the Samaj and plan programmes such as Shivratri celebrations, the Summer day trip and Navratri celebrations. The planned programmes can vary from year to year and depend on members interest and feedback. The committee aims to accommodate programmes for all age ranges. In the past, Christmas parties for children and family Dinner and Dances have also been arranged.

The Samaj also plays an active part in the Federation of Sri Bardia Brahmin Samajs UK. A delegration of 6 committee members attend the Federations Annual General Council, typically in March/April. Out of this delegation, 3 members are appointed by the Committee to serve on the Federations Committee. Over the years our members have held all posts in the Federation.

In order to function efficiently The Management Committee can and does appoint sub-committees to under take specific projects and planning activities. All the sub-committee report to the Management Committee for approval and finalisation. All programs/projects must be approved by the Management Committee.

Similarly, Samaj has had a number of sub-organisations under its umbrella such as Jai Bardai Melodies, The Satsang Mandal, the Mahila Mandal and the Youth & Sports Group. Some of these are defunct in certain years.

Past committees have overseen quite a few milestones in the progress of the Samaj. These milestones include the formation of a written constitution, the successful application of the Samaj to gain charitable status, supporting charitable work and the advancement into the IT age by the set up of the Samaj Website.

In 2008, the Samaj held local area meetings organised by the Samaj Taskforce to gain membership views. The membership requested that the Samaj Management Committe appoint area representatives to form a communication link between the Samaj members and the Management Committee. The 2008/2009 committee appointed these area reps.

At the 2012 Samaj AGM, proposals to the Samaj Constitution were carried forward. The main changes were to have a Committee that was in office for 2 years instead of 1, the Samaj President’s post could not be held by the same candidate for more than 2 consecutive terms (4 years) unless no other candidate comes forward, and the number of committee members to be reduced to 12 from 15. The selection of Advisors has also been abolished.

Samaj Committee Members by years